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Basic JVM memory management metrics for java processes. Includes information about memory use and garbage collection.

time_TIME64NSMETRIC_COUNTERTimestamp when the data record was collected.
upidUINT128GENERALAn opaque numeric ID that globally identify a running process inside the cluster.
young_gc_timeINT64METRIC_COUNTERYoung generation garbage collection time in nanoseconds.
full_gc_timeINT64METRIC_COUNTERFull garbage collection time in nanoseconds.
used_heap_sizeINT64METRIC_GAUGEUsed heap size in bytes.
total_heap_sizeINT64METRIC_GAUGETotal heap size in bytes.
max_heap_sizeINT64METRIC_GAUGEMaximal heap capacity in bytes.
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