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Kafka resquest-response pair events

time_TIME64NSMETRIC_COUNTERTimestamp when the data record was collected.
upidUINT128GENERALAn opaque numeric ID that globally identify a running process inside the cluster.
remote_addrSTRINGGENERALIP address of the remote endpoint.
remote_portINT64GENERALPort of the remote endpoint.
trace_roleINT64GENERAL_ENUMThe role (client-or-server) of the process that owns the connections.
req_cmdINT64GENERAL_ENUMKafka request command
client_idSTRINGGENERALKafka client ID
req_bodySTRINGGENERALKafka request body
respSTRINGGENERALKafka response
latencyINT64METRIC_GAUGERequest-response latency.
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