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Network-layer RX/TX stats, grouped by pod. This table contains aggregate statistics measured at the network device interface. For connection-level information, including the remote endpoints with which a pod is communicating, see the Connection-Level Stats (conn_stats) table.

time_TIME64NSMETRIC_COUNTERTimestamp when the data record was collected.
pod_idSTRINGGENERALThe ID of the pod
rx_bytesINT64METRIC_COUNTERReceived network traffic in bytes of the pod
rx_packetsINT64METRIC_COUNTERNumber of received network packets of the pod
rx_errorsINT64METRIC_COUNTERNumber of network receive errors of the pod
rx_dropsINT64METRIC_COUNTERNumber of dropped network packets being received of the pod
tx_bytesINT64METRIC_COUNTERTransmitted network traffic of the pod
tx_packetsINT64METRIC_COUNTERNumber of transmitted network packets of the pod
tx_errorsINT64METRIC_COUNTERNumber of network transmit errors of the pod
tx_dropsINT64METRIC_COUNTERNumber of dropped network packets being transmitted of the pod
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