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The underlying DataFrame methods that correspond to Operators. meaning you can pass them as parameters to Operators as well as ExecTime functions.

FilterReturns a DataFrame with only those rows that match the condition.
StreamExecute this DataFrame in streaming mode.
Rolling WindowGroups the data by rolling windows.
UnionUnions the passed in dataframes with this DataFrame.
Group ByGroups the data in preparation for an aggregate.
DropDrops the specified columns from the DataFrame.
JoinMerges the input DataFrame with this one using a database-style join.
DataFrameSets up a DataFrame object from the specified table.
AggAggregates the data based on the expressions.
MetadataCreates the specified metadata as a column.
LimitReturn the first n rows.
KeepKeeps only the specified columns.
MapSets up the runtime expression and assigns the result to the specified column.
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