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Specifies the transformation of a DataFrame into OpenTelemetry data.

This function makes it easy to transform columnar DataFrame data into single element OpenTelemetry data. User must pass in data configuration(s) (ie px.otel.metric.Gauge) and a resource config where service.name is one of the attributes. Optionally, users can specify an endpoint using px.otel.Endpoint.


dataList[px.otel.Data]The list of OTel configurations for the data, describing how the data is created in the DataFrame and what kind of metric to populate in OTel.
resourceDict[string, Column]A description of the resource that creates this data. Must include 'service.name' but can also include other data as well.
endpointpx.otel.Endpoint, optionalThe endpoint configuration value. The endpoint can be omitted if this script is run in the OTel plugin context where an endpoint is configured.


Exporter: the description of how to map a DataFrame to OpenTelemetry Data. Can be passed into px.export.

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