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Contributing PxL Scripts

This tutorials details how Pixie community members can contribute open-source PxL scripts to the Pixie Community Repo

Pxl Community Scripts are open-source scripts which appear under the px/ namespace in Pixie. These community scripts enable the developer community with a broad repository of use-case specific scripts out of the box. Over time, we hope this grows into a community driven knowledge base of data-driven tools to observe, debug, secure and manage applications.

Steps to contribute Pxl Community Scripts

Tutorial Overview


Pixie (>= v0.4.0) needs to be installed on your Kubernetes cluster. If it is not already installed then please consult our install guides.

You also need to clone the pixie repo to get the relevant files.

git clone https://github.com/pixie-labs/pixie.git

Steps to contribute

Step 1: File an issue

Filing an issue with an explanation of what use-case you are looking to address help us make sure these community scripts are broadly applicable and useful.

Step 2: Prepare your script

Each Pxl script can have 2 or 3 files in the script folder:

  • <your script's name>.pxl contains the PxL script
  • manifest.json contains metadata like script title, description etc. which help in search and discovery
  • (optional)vis.json contains the spec to visualize your script results

If you are interested, you can developer and test your script in the local environment by following these steps:

  • Run make dev in the ~/pixie/pxl_scripts directory to start a local dev server
  • Follow instructions to copy and paste the printed line in your browsers console
  • This should make your script appear in Pixie
  • Once you are done, kill the dev server and run the printed command

Step 3: Create a pull-request

Once your script is ready, you can submit it for review by:

  • Create a branch on your fork
  • Commit your script folder(s) and push to origin
  • Create a pull request with your original issue tagged
  • Once accepted, it'll appear under the px/ namespace in Pixie for the entire Pixie community

Note: We currently have a small set of reviewers to ensure quality and plan to expand it as the platform and community matures.

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