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CI Build Health


  • Monitor performance of canary builds in your CD system without having to add any instrumentation

Example Questions

  • "Is the CPU utilization below baseline for manual judgement?"
  • "What are my upstream dependencies?"

How to Set-up

You can use Pixie in your CD system by following these steps:

  • If you have Spinnaker or equivalent CD system deploy Pixie in the same cluster by following the quick-start install steps.
  • If you don't you can install Spinnaker by following this guide and install Pixie.
  • Once installed your setup will look like the system diagram shown below.
  • With Pixie installed you can monitor the canary build's service health and pod health by using community scripts.

Note: We will be adding community scripts tailored for canary analysis in the future.

60 Sec Walkthrough:

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